The Caribbean, the most beautiful gem.

Bask in the blistering sunshine on a beach in Antigua, Hike throughout The Pitons, Head on down to Cuba and take in the Old Town, Snorkel in the Bonaire Marine Park and Sail in the Grenadines. Unbelievable wildlife awaits you in the Inagua, The Bahamas! Crystal waters, white sands, amazing Cuisine and not a care in the world… Just lay back and soak it all up and let Zappi Travel take care of it all… The only question now, is which island do you choose?



Jamaica is famed for its stunning beaches; outstanding waterfalls and it is the birthplace of Reggae Music thanks to Bob Marley. Always a clear favourite and very popular choice as a destination. Catering to the most active of guests as well as those who are seeking that little piece of tranquillity in the sunshine. The most beautiful place to seriously feel chilled out and relax, Jamaica and its shores welcome you to indulge in all that their culture offers, and lose yourself in the all inclusive resorts, reggae music and not forgetting the Jamaican rum!



The ‘Jewel of The Caribbean’ – One of the most sought-after holiday destinations. Smouldering in Culture, Cuisine, Picturesque Scenery, Crystal Waters, all wrapped up in a beautiful climate. Barbados continues to attract people from all over the world to its shores to experience what it can offer.



Also known as the ‘Land of 365 beaches’ – Antigua is an independent commonwealth country. World renowned for its stunning reef-lined beaches, rainforests, and resorts. Take a walk along the white sands and dip into the dazzling blue waters before sipping a cocktail as the sun starts to set! An ever-popular choice for a serene and picturesque break, this amazing destination has so much to offer to all and Zappi Travel is here to ensure you have the time of your life!



Aruba, even the sound of it is luxurious, the reality is just this! Also known as ‘One Happy Island’ you will not be shocked to learn that Aruba is known for the dazzling white sands, its beautiful natural pools that have been carved by the Caribbean waves and let us not forget those ever long stretches of turquoise and jade ocean! Happy is the word! Zappi is well placed to provide you with a diverse break in Aruba, allowing you to take in all the very best on the island and have some great fun with loved ones whilst you do so.


St. Lucia

The coast of St. Lucia is home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, fishing villages and beautiful luxury resorts. Famed for its majestic Piton Mountains, Drive in volcano and its refreshing waterfalls, a trip to St Lucia is a must and we guarantee you will be wishing to return.


Cayman Islands

Journey to The Cayman Islands and relish in the luxury it offers, from its fine dining and cuisine to just stretching out one of their immaculate beaches. You can go extravagant, or you can go low-key, the choice is yours, and there are options available to suit everyone. Let Zappi know what you would like to experience during your stay and we can make it a reality.



Due to its production of Nutmeg and Mace crops, Grenada has been dubbed the ‘Island of Spice’. Well, they do say variety is the spice of life! In Grenada, variety is exactly what awaits you…. Unbelievable excursions, discovery walks, fish Friday, refreshing water sports and the list goes on and on. Sometimes overlooked by other larger islands in the Caribbean, this magnificent land is one to be explored.



The largest of all the Caribbean islands, ‘The Pearl of The Antilles’. Cuba is a cultural powerhouse, it must be seen to be believed. Famously renowned for its production in High quality cigars, Rum & Coffee and of course, the most amazing vintage vehicles. Travellers are drawn to Cuba and thrive in its lifestyle along with the beautiful beaches and lush forests. Come and join the local Cubanos for Salsa dancing and amazing food and mesmerizing music. We’ll See You There!


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