Over the years Dubai has evolved to become one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

Located in the eastern area of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf - The cosmopolitan lifestyle along with the blend of local culture is enticing travellers from all over the world to visit. From Giant Skyscrapers to Indulgent Shopping to Luxurious Hotels & Accommodation to Riding the Sand Dunes or even Swimming with the Dolphins, in Dubai, it is all available - Let us make your break unforgettable.


Bask in the beautiful sunshine and immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle you will never want to leave. Zappi Travel are dedicated in providing and arranging the very best in activities and experiences during your stay in this magnificent, sun-soaked metropolis - Leaving no detail untailored.

From water sports galore to desert Safari and Yacht tours to Camel Riding and even a unique dinner in the sky! The luxury of Dubai never disappoints, and we will ensure you do not forget your visit to this unbelievable place of Earth!

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